TEFL in Cusco

Ingles Superior offers a comprehensive TEFL course to those who want to become English trainers.

With years of experience teaching English, we are best placed to provide an excellent service at an affordable price!

Our Guide to TEFL

Why yeach English?

Key things to look out for.

Our Course

Why teach English?

1. Earn a living abroad

Have you ever wondered how people make a living being abroad? Most of the time it’s by teaching English. It’s so easy to find work that it’s one of the best choices and the pay is always good and the demand is always there. Nowadays you can also teach online when abroad so really live up the beach lifestyle. In some place, like Saudi Arabia and South Korea, the job is tax-free and there are literally buckets of cash to be made.

2. Be Different

Bored of office work or the same old routine. Teaching English will certainly liven you up. The hours can be short and the workload isn’t tough. The people you meet are always different and your fellow expats from around the world give you great ideas and inspiration.

3. Livin’ the Lifestyle

There’s nothing like living as an expat abroad. Usually, you’re on a higher wage relatively to what you’re used to, so the opportunities are limitless. You can live in the nicest apartments, or by the beach. You can go to the fanciest restaurants or do the best of activities. And all the while you are treated with great respect for being a teacher.

4. Helping others

Always wanted to help a charity? Well, now you can really make a difference to the lives of the unfortunate. You don’t only have to work for a private academy but also volunteer your schools to projects around the world. It’s a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of people less fortunate than you, and they will really want to learn about you too!

5. Work anywhere and everywhere in the World

English is the most important language in the modern world, and its growing, fast. More and more people use English as a medium to communicate, and so do businesses. So where ever you go, you’re likely to find work to support you.

6. Polish those skills

Teaching English is a transferable skill. You learn public speaking, planning, people skills, and lots more. Living abroad is also daring and shows you’re adaptable. It’s an unforgettable experience and helps to build you as a person and as a professional.

7. Learn something new

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Well learning through immersion (literally being in a foreign speaking country) is the best way to learn. Just don’t get into the trap of hanging out with too many other English speakers. Also, you’ll learn about new foods, and how others think and act abroad, all the while you’ll get to understand your own culture from this new perspective!

8. Gives you vision

Teaching English can lead you to amazing opportunities. You could be working for ambassadors of countries, or teaching their kids. Or working for multinational organizations like Dior, or Santander. Or you might decide to open your own language institute. The opportunities are endless and it really can change your life.

9. It’s worthwhile

Teaching is fundamentally rewarding. It’s bigger than yourself. You can make a massive impact of every student you teach. And seeing the grow and improve is highly rewarding, it never gets boring. Teaching is a great way to feel good about what you do.


Teacher Nick out on a tour with the guides learning English and showing some amazing Inca architecture!

So what are you waiting for? Become an English teacher today and change your life forever! 


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With so many TEFL courses what are the key things to look out for?


Minimum 100 course hours

A complete and comprehensive course is key to delivering a quality TEFL program. Recommended extra curricular readings and texts often show quality.


At least 10 hours of practical classroom experience

Live classroom is critical for gaining the confidence to teach in the real world. Many online courses cannot offer this and thus do not deliver the same value.


Accreditation through third parties

An independent accreditation body ensures quality and validity. At Ingles Superior, we are accredited by the local Ministry of Education and work with other institutes and organisations within the community.


Highly Qualified Trainers

Getting the best teachers is the key difference between a decent course and an excellent course. At Ingles Superior, we only hire the best trainers as quality is our speciality. All trainers must be qualified and have taught English for many years, plus they have to be super enthusiastic about English!


Help with Job Placements

Help with getting a job after is really important, as it’s like you want to regain your initial investment. At Ingles Superior, our promise is that you’ll have our help in getting the all important job you need. And we can even offer you at job teaching English at our school if you prove to be a great candidate!

Our Course:

What is included in our TEFL course?

– Airport Pick-up
– Course and safety itinerary pack
– Free city orientation
– Official TEFL/TESOL certificate
– Free TEFL materiales
– Letter of recommendation
– Lifetime job-finding assistance
– Graduation party
– WIFI, Cafe and study space
– Discounts for cultural events and tours
– Discount spanish classes
– Discount homestay programmes
– Emergency contact number 24/7
– Career opportunities.

How much is the course?


Cusco Peru:

4 week, 100 hour program: $900 US dollars (ask for promotions)


March 6th
June 5th
September 4th
December 1st


Hostel (Private Room/with bathroom)

2 weeks $370/490

3 weeks $670/870

4 weeks $870/1090

Homestay (with food)

2 weeks $440< 3 weeks $770 4 weeks $970


– Have a university degree or similar.
– Be at least 18 years old.
– Proficient in English.
– Ability to handle high-pressure academic environment as well as health issues from high altitudes.

Are you ready?

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