Sobre Nosotros


To teach languages while being socially reponsable and a leader in cultural progression.


Our vision is to grow and continually improve as a school.


The school began in Ben’s apartment, where he started giving small group classes to the first students. With a good method, the students came back and told their friends. Soon it was time to find an office in the center of the city, where the city relocated to Plaza Limacpampa, 5 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Soon 1 office wasn’t enough and we expanded to add 2 more classrooms, a cafe and study area.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen Peruvian bureaucracy, we were unable to stay in the center, so duly looked for a new location, this time close to the local university into a beautiful house giving the school a homely feel. With our own patios, 4 beautiful classrooms, and a kitchen, we have been able to improve the environment that our students and teachers work in.
The school is now 3 years old and is doing better than ever!


Founder & CEO

Benjamin Reilly founded Ingles Superior in August 2014, in Cusco, Peru. He was 25 years old and had big ambitions to provide a superior English school to Cusco. By bringing together highly qualified and trained teachers from the US or UK and local ESL learners, he achieved his goal in connecting people and giving them the best opportunity to learn the English language and its culture at heart. He aims to build the school from a handful of teachers and a hundred students, to a few dozen teachers and thousands of students over the next 3 years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ingles Superior, we believe strongly that we should be leaders in the community providing lessons by example.

We use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline to set our own goals (

1. No poverty

Ingles Superior is dedicated to helping underprivileged young people get a chance in life through our scholarship program with various partner charities based in Cusco.

4. Quality Education

We provide professional, experienced and qualified teachers to our students, and we promote self-learning and responsibility.

5. Gender Equality

We give equal opportunities to both men and women.

8. Decent Work and Economic growth

We pay our employees a fair wage and we have a long-term growth strategy, built on investing profits into the school.

10. Reduced Inequalities

Peruvian or English, we pay our teachers the same rates so no one loses out.

12. Responsible consumption

We do not use plastic cups in our café in but traditional mugs for our tea and coffee

14. Life below water

We recycle our plastics so that they don’t end up in the ocean.

17: Partnership for Goals

We are open to working with other organizations who align with our goals and values. PLease get in contact if you think you can be our partner in helping our world become a better place.