Newsletter – October 2016


November 2016 News:

New contract signed:

Yes thats right, we will be staying in Limacpampa for atleast another 6 months. We will not move location unless there is a serious need to do so, or if we find somewhere better!

Fernando (Beca Student):

This month we welcome Fernando, he is has a scholarship from the charity Mosqoy, who help under priveleged young adults have better opportunities in life. He will be studying with us for atleast 2 months.

New Tourism Classes:

So after lots of feedback from students, we have designed a personalised English Tourism course for the city of Cusco and MachuPicchu. We think this is a great course for students who already have an intermediate English, but want something a bit more specific to their needs. We are sure that, with the small class sizes, and the book we have developed, you will find this course to be really useful and we hope you tell your friends

New Teacher (Cassie)

This month we will be saying goodbye to teacher Royce, (who has been with us for more than a year), and he will be replaced by teacher Cassie. She is TEFL qualified and has more than two years experience, and we expect her to be a great assit to team!

Thats all folks!

Thats all for this month! To say thanks for reading, I´ve attached a copy of the academic word list (basically all the essential English words). You can find it in the link below.

Until next time,

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