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A slightly delayed blogpost, but better late then never they say!

Committed to processes.

We understand at Ingles Superior that you want the smoothest experience when studying with us, with the confidence that you will get the results you want.

That’s why we have invested in our systems and processes continuously over the years, to provide you a quality, fun and professional way to learn English.


We brought the Langlion Cloud School System late 2016. The system allows you to see your attendence scores, grades as well as how much you need to pay!


The Face2Face book series is a clear map of your progress from Basic to Intermediate English. Everything is structured so you know you won’t miss a thing learning with us, and best of all, Cambridge designed it!


We only recruit the best teachers who know how to have the best time with their students. Also they must have TEFL or CELTA qualification, so you know they’ve been tested before. One final thing, we like to play games a lot in class, so only fun teachers allowed!


New chairs!

We have upgrade all the chairs in the school so that they now have mini desks!

We believe there are some benefits for changing our classrooms:

  1. More space – allows for communicative activities
  2. More dynamic – the chairs can be moved around the room for different classroom types
  3. Safety – in case of an emergency, you can leave the building safe and securely

We think they look great, dont you? Leave us your comments!

Mountain Lodges of Peru

We completed our first month teaching staff at MLP. They are a luxury tour operator here in Cusco with fancy treks to Machu Picchu with jucuzzis to relax in.

Nearly 50 students. It’s a great achievement for the school, and Ben is personally teaching them. He says “The team are great, and I really enjoy helping them improve their English, which will help them improve to grow as people as well as in the workplace” Lucy Ramos won the Student of the Month price thanks to her strong commitment to homework. Well done Lucy!

If you would like to know more about InglesSuperior or want to book classes click the link below:

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