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A slightly delayed blogpost, but better late then never they say!

Committed to processes.

We understand at Ingles Superior that you want the smoothest experience when studying with us, with the confidence that you will get the results you want.

That’s why we have invested in our systems and processes continuously over the years, to provide you a quality, fun and professional way to learn English.


We brought the Langlion Cloud School System late 2016. The system allows you to see your attendence scores, grades as well as how much you need to pay!


The Face2Face book series is a clear map of your progress from Basic to Intermediate English. Everything is structured so you know you won’t miss a thing learning with us, and best of all, Cambridge designed it!


We only recruit the best teachers who know how to have the best time with their students. Also they must have TEFL or CELTA qualification, so you know they’ve been tested before. One final thing, we like to play games a lot in class, so only fun teachers allowed!


New chairs!

We have upgrade all the chairs in the school so that they now have mini desks!

We believe there are some benefits for changing our classrooms:

  1. More space – allows for communicative activities
  2. More dynamic – the chairs can be moved around the room for different classroom types
  3. Safety – in case of an emergency, you can leave the building safe and securely

We think they look great, dont you? Leave us your comments!

Mountain Lodges of Peru

We completed our first month teaching staff at MLP. They are a luxury tour operator here in Cusco with fancy treks to Machu Picchu with jucuzzis to relax in.

Nearly 50 students. It’s a great achievement for the school, and Ben is personally teaching them. He says “The team are great, and I really enjoy helping them improve their English, which will help them improve to grow as people as well as in the workplace” Lucy Ramos won the Student of the Month price thanks to her strong commitment to homework. Well done Lucy!

If you would like to know more about InglesSuperior or want to book classes click the link below:

Lee Mas

Newsletter – November 2016


Hi everyone!

Welcome to this months newsletter. Below is an update on everything happening this month!

Meet Mara:

Mara is an Italian intern, she comes from Sardinia, a pretty island in the Mediterranean sea. She’s 21 years old, and she studied Languages and Cultures for Language Mediation at the University of Cagliari. She recently graduated and she is going to spend her gap year travelling and working abroad. She will be working at Inglés Superior until the end of January as an Internship as part of her University degree. See her in office 6 from 3.00pm to 8.30pm!

Christmas promotion 2 x 1:

Give yourself an early Christmas gift and come study with us! We are offering a great deal for the month of December: 2×1. Bring a friend and only one of you will pay. Finish this 2016 in the best way by improving your English and saving a lot of money. How can you participate? Go on Facebook (, like and share our post; then subscribe on our page and you’re done. We will see you next month! Remember: This promotion is only available to new students, so tell your friends!


In order to improve our service and be more flexible we are changing our tutoring hours. Not only we will have tutorial on Saturday morning, from 9 to 12 AM (on the 5th and the 19th), but we are also adding two afternoons (on the 12th and on the 26th) from 3 to 6 PM. This will continue from now on every month.

Tandem event:

We are organizing a tandem even on November 30th, from 3 to 5 PM. You will have the chance to practice more your conversational and communication skills. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to keep practicing and improving your English.

Book promotion:

Don’t miss out on our book promotion. You can get the original book with 10 soles off!

Thats all folks!

Thats all for this month! To say thanks for reading, I´ve attached a copy of the academic word list (basically all the essential English words). You can find it in the link below.

Until next time,

Lee Mas

British Airways llega a Perú


British Airways, la aerolínea nacional, ha anunciado que se está poniendo en marcha nuevos vuelos directos a Lima, la capital de Perú.

“Lima es una puerta de entrada a algunos de los destinos turísticos impresionantes de América del Sur”, un portavoz de BA dijo a Telegraph Travel. “El Camino Inca y Machu Picchu se incluyen a menudo en ‘hay que ver’ las listas de nuestros clientes. A partir de esta ruta nos permite ofrecer un servicio directo conveniente para los visitantes del Reino Unido.”

Lynne Embleton, director general de BA en Gatwick, dijo: “Con el Camino Inca de fama mundial y la increíble ciudadela de Machu Picchu, no hay ningún lugar que se le parezca Perú.

“Lima es una puerta fantástica de algunos de los lugares más espectaculares para visitar en América del Sur y también ofrecerá un nuevo vínculo para las empresas británicas que buscan invertir en el creciente mercado de Perú.”

El sitio de Patrimonio Mundial de la Unesco de Machu Picchu ha experimentado un crecimiento extraordinario en las últimas tres décadas, con el número de visitantes pasando de 100,000 en la década de 1980, a alrededor de 1,2 millones de turistas ahora. Perú también cuenta con varios otros importantes sitios precolombinos, como Chan Chan, Pisac y Kuélap.

En los últimos años, una serie de cabañas de lujo en todo el Valle Sagrado cerca de Cuzco, nuevos caminos incas, y la apertura de tres regiones amazónicas distintas que muestra algunos de los mejores aves y vida silvestre en América del Sur, han llamado la cantidad de visitantes extranjeros cada vez mayor.

Lea el artículo completo en Inglés aquí:

Lee Mas

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