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Monthly Newsletter

A slightly delayed blogpost, but better late then never they say!

Committed to processes.

We understand at Ingles Superior that you want the smoothest experience when studying with us, with the confidence that you will get the results you want.

That’s why we have invested in our systems and processes continuously over the years, to provide you a quality, fun and professional way to learn English.


We brought the Langlion Cloud School System late 2016. The system allows you to see your attendence scores, grades as well as how much you need to pay!


The Face2Face book series is a clear map of your progress from Basic to Intermediate English. Everything is structured so you know you won’t miss a thing learning with us, and best of all, Cambridge designed it!


We only recruit the best teachers who know how to have the best time with their students. Also they must have TEFL or CELTA qualification, so you know they’ve been tested before. One final thing, we like to play games a lot in class, so only fun teachers allowed!


New chairs!

We have upgrade all the chairs in the school so that they now have mini desks!

We believe there are some benefits for changing our classrooms:

  1. More space – allows for communicative activities
  2. More dynamic – the chairs can be moved around the room for different classroom types
  3. Safety – in case of an emergency, you can leave the building safe and securely

We think they look great, dont you? Leave us your comments!

Mountain Lodges of Peru

We completed our first month teaching staff at MLP. They are a luxury tour operator here in Cusco with fancy treks to Machu Picchu with jucuzzis to relax in.

Nearly 50 students. It’s a great achievement for the school, and Ben is personally teaching them. He says “The team are great, and I really enjoy helping them improve their English, which will help them improve to grow as people as well as in the workplace” Lucy Ramos won the Student of the Month price thanks to her strong commitment to homework. Well done Lucy!

If you would like to know more about InglesSuperior or want to book classes click the link below:

Lee Mas

Newsletter – November 2016


Hi everyone!

Welcome to this months newsletter. Below is an update on everything happening this month!

Meet Mara:

Mara is an Italian intern, she comes from Sardinia, a pretty island in the Mediterranean sea. She’s 21 years old, and she studied Languages and Cultures for Language Mediation at the University of Cagliari. She recently graduated and she is going to spend her gap year travelling and working abroad. She will be working at Inglés Superior until the end of January as an Internship as part of her University degree. See her in office 6 from 3.00pm to 8.30pm!

Christmas promotion 2 x 1:

Give yourself an early Christmas gift and come study with us! We are offering a great deal for the month of December: 2×1. Bring a friend and only one of you will pay. Finish this 2016 in the best way by improving your English and saving a lot of money. How can you participate? Go on Facebook (, like and share our post; then subscribe on our page and you’re done. We will see you next month! Remember: This promotion is only available to new students, so tell your friends!


In order to improve our service and be more flexible we are changing our tutoring hours. Not only we will have tutorial on Saturday morning, from 9 to 12 AM (on the 5th and the 19th), but we are also adding two afternoons (on the 12th and on the 26th) from 3 to 6 PM. This will continue from now on every month.

Tandem event:

We are organizing a tandem even on November 30th, from 3 to 5 PM. You will have the chance to practice more your conversational and communication skills. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to keep practicing and improving your English.

Book promotion:

Don’t miss out on our book promotion. You can get the original book with 10 soles off!

Thats all folks!

Thats all for this month! To say thanks for reading, I´ve attached a copy of the academic word list (basically all the essential English words). You can find it in the link below.

Until next time,

Lee Mas

Newsletter – October 2016


November 2016 News:

New contract signed:

Yes thats right, we will be staying in Limacpampa for atleast another 6 months. We will not move location unless there is a serious need to do so, or if we find somewhere better!

Fernando (Beca Student):

This month we welcome Fernando, he is has a scholarship from the charity Mosqoy, who help under priveleged young adults have better opportunities in life. He will be studying with us for atleast 2 months.

New Tourism Classes:

So after lots of feedback from students, we have designed a personalised English Tourism course for the city of Cusco and MachuPicchu. We think this is a great course for students who already have an intermediate English, but want something a bit more specific to their needs. We are sure that, with the small class sizes, and the book we have developed, you will find this course to be really useful and we hope you tell your friends

New Teacher (Cassie)

This month we will be saying goodbye to teacher Royce, (who has been with us for more than a year), and he will be replaced by teacher Cassie. She is TEFL qualified and has more than two years experience, and we expect her to be a great assit to team!

Thats all folks!

Thats all for this month! To say thanks for reading, I´ve attached a copy of the academic word list (basically all the essential English words). You can find it in the link below.

Until next time,

Lee Mas

Top 15 games for ESL


Top 15 games for ESL

1. Taboo

Break up the class into two teams. Have the students choose team names or simply give them animal names. Write a word on the board. Two people will have their backs to the board, so they can’t see the word. The students must describe this word by using the English they know or by charading it. Tally up the score.

2. Go Fish!

A simple card game. Write on the board “Do you have a ‘number’?” And/Or “Do you have any “numbers”? Response: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. Go fish! Shuffle the cards and give each student five cards. Explain to the students that they need groups of the same number (so, 4x3s, or 4x4s etc.) to win the game, also called families. Show them what a family looks like and explain that the cards need to be set on the table once you have a family. Also explain that they cannot ask for a card that is not in their hand. Play with the students as well and use other phrases if you want to mix up the grammar (e.g. Are you holding number …?).

3. Board Race

Break the class up into two teams. Have students compete against one another to test their knowledge on the grammar that they have just learnt. You can ask a question and have them respond it on the board or explain that if you shout out a response to a question, they have to write the question. You can also have the students show an example of a particular grammar point or tense. For example: If you shout out, “Present Perfect” the student must show an example of the Present Perfect.

4. Never Have I Ever…

This game is used to practice the Present Perfect. Students hold up three fingers and must say things they have never done by saying “never have I ever…”. If a student in the classroom has done the thing that one student hasn’t done, then they put down a finger. The last one to have a finger is the winner. Moral of the story: If you haven’t had much experience, at least you win an ESL game!

5. Hangman:

Very common and well known game for elementary school students. This game can be used as a spelling and alphabet practice. Students guess the letters to fill in the empty underlined spaces that make up a word. Alternative is to have students come up with the words.

6. Pictionary / Charades:

These fun family games can go hand in hand, because they serve the same purpose. You have to guess a word. You can allow the students to either draw or charade the word. Usually the words can be picked out of a styrophoam cup or a hat, or whispered into the ear. Very simple to set up and great to review words that were recently taught.

7. Tornado:

Write on the board the numbers 1 – 16 or 1 – 20. Break the class up into two teams. Students will choose a number that will unlock a question that you have already prepared e.g. a review of target language, a grammar topic, or a speaking topic, etc. If they guess correct, they recieve 5 points. A few of the numbers are “tornados” and “hurricanes”. When a student hits a tornado, they skip their turn, and when they hit a hurricane all of their points are eliminated. A couple or a few numbers should also be free or bonus points. That way you can spice up the game and students will definitely enjoy it. Be sure to plan your board before the class starts, and tally up the score to see who wins at the end!

8. Kings / Ring of Fire:

A beer game favourite converted to an ESL game. Take a deck of cards and make a circle with them on the table. Each card or family needs a rule. The rules can help the students practice a wide range of grammar topics. You can also set up rules to positive or negative responses according to the colour of the card. Red and black. You can give each student a different set of cards or pieces of candy that will represent their life line in the game. This game can easily take up a 1 hour review class, and can be a lot of fun with good preparation.

9. Story time:

This game can be played in a couple of different ways depending on how you want to go about it, and is good to practice connectors. One way to play is to have images where the students have to come up with a logical story related to the picture, they can interpret it any way possible. You can add to the game by saying they must include an adjective or adverb. This game can be done orally while you, as a teacher, should be monitering their mistakes. Themed stories are also great for different times of the year (Halloween, Christmas, etc.).

10. Guess The Type of Music:

You can see how many songs in English they are aware of. Break up the class into two teams and play a series of songs. If they guess the type of music, emotion it conveys, singer, group, or band correctly they receive X amount of points.

11. Pop Culture Trivia:

Another similar game would be to create a Pop Culture Trivia Quiz. You can have one person from each team to be a representative so that it isn’t too chaotic.

12. Tutti Frutti / Categories:

Set up categories on the board or choose categories to write on the board (e.g. Names, Countries, Food & Drink, Verbs, Objects, Adjectives, Phrasal Verbs, etc). In groups students make a list of words for each category depending on the letter of the alphabet you give them. Whoever finishes shouts “Tutti Frutti!” and after that, everyone must stop. Points are awarded for every unique word.

13. “I Spy With My Little Eye…”

A simple game that requires no set up unless you want to add some thing in the classroom. You start the game off as an example. Choose something inside or outside the class room, and give the students the first letter of the word. Start by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (letter)…”

14. Last One Standing:

Ask everyone to stand up from their seat. Get a ball (or scrumple up the recycled paper). Ask students to review vocab or ask questions by throwing the ball around the room to their teammates; if the student correctly answers the question or gives an original vocab word, then they throw the ball onto another student, and so on. If is a student is incorrect or repeats a vocab word they must sit down until the last one is standing!

15. Up The Ladder:

Draw 10 /15 points on the board that represent the start and end of the game, one way is to draw a snake-like image. Have teams create 10 questions for their other team to answer. If the teams answer correctly, then they can roll the dice to advance their team.

16. Bonus! Tic Tac Toe

Replace the X and O with review vocab words and students take turns to get three words in a row in this classic game.

Lee Mas